NBA Pre-Draft



TRAINING & MEDIA DAY at the Basketball Hall of Fame

This year, all pre-draft training will be completed in Springfield, MA….where the game of basketball was invented and the Hall of Fame is located. As such, we felt it was important to have our Media Day at the Hall of Fame.

Our players will have two media days where they will have a chance to answer questions from NBA Scouts, TV, Newspaper and other media outlets.


Training will take place at the Basketball Hall of Fame and LA Fitness (they are connected).


Players will be divided into two groups: PG’s, SG’s SF’s in Group 1…and PF’s and C’s in Group 2.

Each day, one group will be doing skill development on the court from 10-12, while the other group is doing strength/conditioning work. There will be a lunch break from 12-2 (lunch provided by 1 of 3 local restaurants). Then, the groups will switch from 2-4.


Organized pickup basketball will begin at 7:30pm for all that are interested.

Saturday workouts are optional, but trainers will be available from 10-2. No workouts on Sunday.

Players also have complete access to:

-          Sauna

-          Pool

-          Spa

-          Juice Bar




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